Brhiannon Fritz-Hammond (b. 1991 UK)

I am a paper artist and printmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a Diploma of Visual Art from RMIT and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University. On graduating from my Bachelors degree, I was the last student recipient of The Little Window of Opportunities award at Port Jackson Press, an artist showcase opportunity. Port Jackson Press are an established representative for the Australian printmaking scene in Melbourne with 45 years of experience.

I draw from fairytales, stories, music, documentaries, and the people around me. These inspire and inform my pieces. Sometimes the words will tell me what form they should take immediately and sometimes they will take a while to indicate what they want to turn into.

Each piece I create tells its own story through the combination of shape and quote used. I push to make people think about the forms within my pieces, to work to see what I see and then smile when they do. My work emphasises shadows that play upon the walls behind the piece, giving it depth and substance beyond the paper the words are cut from. The colours that I choose to put behind each piece enhance and strengthen this visual exploration and storytelling. I would like my art to inspire people and bring them joy, and I value the support of my family throughout my working life.



Monash University, Caulfield, Bachelor of Fine Art, 2012-2014

RMIT, Diploma of Visual Art, 2010-2011


2014: End-of-Year Show, MADA: Monash University, Caulfield

2011: End-of-Year Show, School of Art: RMIT TAFE

2009: Down the Rabbit Hole, Beth Hulme Gallery, Fitzroy

2008: Crumb, Beth Hulme Gallery, Fitzroy

2007: Euphoria, Beth Hulme Gallery, Fitzroy


Port Jackson Press Exhibition Award, 2014


The State Library of Victoria